2016’s Top 5 Travel Apps

The influx of cutting-edge tech tools and mobile apps continue to enhance the modern-day business traveler’s experience before, during, and after a meeting.  USA Today’s 10 Best recently conducted a survey on their reader’s favorite new travel apps of 2016.  Here’s the breakdown below, and we have to admit – they look pretty enticing!

1. DUFL – This unique travel app takes care of your luggage – literally.  From packing, cleaning your clothes, and schlepping your luggage to and from the airport, DUFL is perfect for meeting planners always on the go!

2. Microsoft Translator – With over 50 languages in its database, this savvy travel app is the ideal tool for international travel, helping users translate speech, text, websites and more.

3. Wiffinity – Another great app for international travel – Wiffinity connects travelers with thousands of Wi-Fi networks across Europe, allowing for easy and free Internet access.

4. Indie Guides – Capitalizing on one of 2016’s top travel trends, immersive travel, Indie Guides allow travelers to enjoy a destination the way that locals do, and includes insider tips on music venues, boutiques, restaurants and more.

5. Just Ahead – This useful mobile app transforms your phone into a tour guide by offering tips, anecdotes and more about your surroundings.

What are some of your favorite travel apps?  Feel free to join the conversation and tell us all about them!

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