Business Travel Made Easy

Imagine this: You’ve been preparing for a very important, out-of-state business meeting for months.  Flights are booked, airport transfers are confirmed, and now all you have to do is get to the airport on time.  Like any responsible adult, you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, only to find out that your flight has been delayed by several hours.  Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there are ways to make the experience of business travel easier.  Meetings & Conventions magazine has created a list of tips to help make your next business trip hassle-free. businesstravel-1

1. Portable Overnight Body Refresh – In a rush to your next meeting, but don’t have enough time to freshen up?   The Road Warrior Toiletry Kit comes with TSA-approved, single-use travel toiletries, including essentials like shampoo, body wash, lotion and shaving cream – perfect for meeting planners on the go!  They run approximately $15 per kit.

2. Boardroom Sweats – Cleverly camouflaged as dress pants, Betabrand has expanded their popular line of yoga and sweatpants, so you can go straight from a red-eye to a meeting without having to get changed in your hotel room, or better yet, an airport bathroom.

3. No More Suitcase Schlepping – Losing your luggage is extremely stressful.  That’s why Send My Bag has created a service for business travelers where someone will pick up your luggage, boxes of event supplies, golf or ski gear, and more, then get it to your destination on time.

4. Quick-Book Tool – Now you can book your flight in less than 60 seconds!  With a new feature that stores business travelers’ profiles and payment info, Hopper’s Quick Tap App speeds up the booking process; with the tap of an app it researches and selects flights in less than one minute.

Do you have any innovative tips for business travelers? Feel free to share them with us – we’d love to hear them!

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