How Technology is Continuing to Impact the Events Industry 

There’s always something new being brought to the table in the ever-changing world of event planning. Thanks to the advancements in technology, both the events and meetings industries are always improving. Here at The Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center, we’re always staying in the know of the latest technology trends.

Here are a few ways that we’re seeing technology impact the events industry in 2016.

Getting around

It’s safe to say that the days of paper maps are over. Most people are using GPS apps to get around. One of those apps that have become increasingly popular over the last year is Waze. Waze is a great tool for helping to avoid traffic delays and traffic jams, however it’s not always accurate — such as during events, for example. Well, the company is aiming to change that with the new Waze Global Event Partner Program, which basically involves the company teaming up with event organizers to help with scheduling road closures, delays, and so on.

Read more about Waze’s improvements here.


Social Media

Believe it or not, the Pokemon Go game has taken the world by storm. How is it impacting technology for the events industry? For one, event organizers are now incorporating aspects of the game by planting “lure modules” around their event spaces to grab the attention of gamers and attract attendance. It’s also encouraging social interaction. The game’s social nature has people all over the nation joining together to explore their cities and new ones when they travel to an event location. Read more about Pokemon Go and it’s impact on events here.


What are some technology trends you’ve come across? Share with us below!

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