Making Hotel Stays More Like Home

Hotel room design can play a large factor for business travelers when trying to decide on which hotel to book. According to a recent article in, hotel branding expert, Amy Locke explains that rooms that make the consumer feel like they’re at home not only enhances their comfort, but renders them more likely to extend their stay. “In-room sitting areas add a lot of functional value, plus they add considerably in making a hotel room feel like home.  As a result, sitting areas are being enlarged by brands that already had them – and sitting areas are being added by other brands, even properties that cater to budget and mid-priced travelers.” says Locke.

Below are a few examples of how hotels are changing the way they design their room product to make their guests feel more comfortable.

  • Desk / Work Areas: Almost all hotel rooms offer internet access, and a work desk for business travelers.  Now many properties are adding internet access near the bed – specifically for travelers working on a laptop and those who enjoy doing work while relaxing in bed or watching TV.  Additionally, properties are using L-shaped desks and built-in shelves, especially in extended stay hotels, which offer guests even more storage space.
  • Bedding Upgrades: With plush, pillow-top mattresses, and a higher thread count in the linens, hotel beds are becoming the focal point of any hotel room design.  A new trend is the addition of a “bed lap desk” – ideal for busy meeting planners who prefer to work or read comfortably in bed.
  • Bathroom Enhancements: Guests typically spend more time in the bathroom than any other area of a hotel room, other than the bed, so naturally, an “at home” feeling is a must for travelers.  Lighting is an important way that hotels are achieving the “home away from home” look and feel.  For example, wall sconces and decorative ceiling mounts are trending over the “boxed” fluorescents that have typically been used in bathrooms.

The comfy and cozy King Suite at Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center

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