Summer Trips Around New England: Southbridge and Central Massachusetts

Central Massachusetts is a gem, even by New England standards. It is a land of distinct seasons, as cozy and welcoming as it is exciting and full of the promise of adventure. Wooded, hilly uplands sweep down to leafy valleys dotted with colonial architecture, white picket fences and historic mill towns. One of those mill towns is Southbridge, threaded along the meandering banks of the Quinebaug River in southern Worcester County.

Southbridge Town Center has oodles of historic charm.
Photo courtesy Instagram@jennifer_bifulco

The mills provided the townsfolk with countless opportunities, and as time progressed workers from all over the world were drawn by the ready availability of jobs. On any given day, you could walk down the street and meet people from Ireland, Poland, Greece and Italy, all proud to call Southbridge their home.

Today, the town retains a visible link to its industrial past no matter where you look. And at Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center, we are proud to be part of that legacy. The grand building that we now call home was once the HQ of American Optical Co., at one time one the largest optical factories in the world. Our stately red brick façade reminds visitors of the building’s origins, while the nods to its original purpose as a maker of frames are scattered across the length and breadth of the historic property.

Southbridge’s international connection also lives on. Visitors from all over the world find their way to central Massachusetts each year, some of whom wind-up on the doorsteps of our hotel. We learn from them, and we in turn provide knowledge about what to enjoy in the surrounding area.

Take a load off! Enjoy the warm summer evenings with a cool drink and a bistro bite on our patio.

It is this coalescing of our town’s history, America’s reputation as a melting pot and the beautiful backdrop on which they are placed, that makes our position as Southbridge’s largest hotel a matter of responsibility that goes beyond supplying a bed for the night.

So, let us welcome you to central Massachusetts, wherever you come from. It is yours to explore.

For more information on how to plan your visit, please contact:

Discover Central Massachusetts

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