Top Meetings Trends of 2017

In 2016, meeting planners were looking to break from the traditional boardroom experiences and tap into new trends like bringing in the destination or neighborhood. In 2017, we’re seeing that trend continue with as planners are now going out of their way to ensure meeting experiences have that experiential feel. Successful Meetings recently unveiled their list of the Top 10 Meeting Trends of 2017. Here are some of those trends that we think will continue to change the way meetings are held in 2017.

1.) Local Experiences

Attendees still want that sense of authenticity in 2017. More and more planners are incorporating team-building exercises and outdoor activities and providing ways for attendees to to get fresh air and explore the destination.


2.) Less Formal Gatherings

Gone are the days of black-tie events. Planners are now looking to create more casual gathering experiences. Although these types of events don’t work for every group, it’s a great change of pace from the traditional conferences that require suits and ties and allows for more mobility which means more networking.

3.) More Social Media

In 2017, we see social media taking a more active role in meetings. Live Instagram and Twitter broadcasting feeds have been on the rise at meetings and events. Attendees are now looking to see what others are doing and talking about during meetings which means social media will continue to play a major role this year.



What meeting trends are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below!

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