These Weddings Be Cray Cray; Some Of Most Unusual Versions of Tying The Knot That Anyone’s Ever Seen

Cutting the cake. Walking down the aisle. The first dance. Stuffed chicken and a deejay. Wearing …. clothes. All of these are clearly the norm for the day of nuptials. There are special touches to make them unique, but largely, many weddings fit into the box of “normal.”

We stumbled upon this fun, interesting look on BoldSky: Limitless Living of some of the world’s most unusual, zany, and extravagant weddings out there. These will be a day that not only the bride and groom would remember, but their guests, too.


Influx of Roses: A man in China bought 99,999 roses for his bride. It took a whole year’s salary to buy them.

Talk about flying high on your wedding day: A couple from New York went weightless on a Boeing 727-200 aircraft.

I Do, On Wheels: A couple rode around the city with their wedding guests.

Love Bites: A New York couple (yes, New Yorkers again) got hitched in a 120,000 gallon shark tank.

Record Breaking Train: The train, of course, being the train of the wedding dress. A bride in China had a bridal train that weighed 100 kilograms, and spanned 600 feet.

They Got The Maxx For the Minimum, and Marriage: Lisa Satayut, the bride, is what she calls Maxxinista, and finds inner peace by shopping at TJ Maxx. So, she got married there.

Nude Nuptials: An Australian couple who clearly love to be naked stayed naked … for their wedding.

Flying High: A Brussels couple tied the knot while up in a hot air balloon with ten others. Then, they celebrated by bungee jumping.

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